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About the Cultural Tour Package

MYTHOS GROUP LIMITED organizes alongside the Summer School of Cultural Trauma, a tour of Lesbos. Our goal is to offer participants an unforgettable experience presenting the rich history and culture of the island, as well as its unique nature.  The program of the tour starts on Sunday 18th August 2019 and finishes on Monday 26th August 2019.

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The schedule takes into account the obligations of the participants as far as the Summer School is concerned, utilising the free time by satisfying the need of the participants to relax, and gain cultural, historic and environmental experience.
Lesbos may be small in global terms, but the great diversity of its landscapes marks it apart. It has a unique wealth of geological features, landscapes of natural beauty and areas of ecological interest.
Dense pine forests and olive groves, cultivated fields,hills with almost all types of vegetation, imposing mountains that reach a height of 1,000 meters, rivers, torrents, and important wetlands, as well as drylands, sandy beaches among cliffs, canyons, gorges and caves, craters of extinct volcanoes and a unique, in global terms, forest, originating in the geological prehistory of the island, all make up the mosaic of the rich variety of habitats on Lesbos.

Lesbos, located on a crucial crossroad between East and West, was in antiquity the epicenter of the Aeolic civilization. On the island, throughout Greek and Roman antiquity, flourished several autonomous city-states, including Mytilene, Methymna and Eresos. Known as the homeland of renowned poets, philosophers and politicians, such as Pittacus, Sapho and Alcaeus, Theophrastus and Potamon, the cities of Lesbos, other than cultivating a strong intellectual reputation in the ancient world, took actively part in major historical events, constantly evolving along a complex institutional and legal background.

The tour alongside with the other goals provides participants with the necessary insights from antique to modern times which may enable them to understand the framework, which led to dramatic events, such as the genocides in the East, and today’s refugee and immigration crisis.

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